6 reasons to choose laser hair removal over waxing

The idea of switching from waxing to laser hair removal can seem like a big step – especially if you’ve been in a routine of waxing for a number of years.

But waxing, plucking, epilating, and shaving are all types of hair removal that take a lot of time, effort and money to keep on top of unwanted hair growth. And let’s face it, you’ve got more important things to worry about!

If you’re undecided about whether to choose waxing or laser for your hair removal, here are some things to consider.

Laser is less painful than waxing

Waxing as a form of hair removal is a painful process, and sessions can feel like they go on forever! Aside from the wax feeling hot against your skin, waxing is painful because the hair is being ripped out from the root, so it’s only natural that this is going to hurt.

Laser hair removal sessions take minutes and are far less painful. The laser uses heat to burn the hair follicle but all the best laser technology has an inbuilt cooling system so it doesn’t hurt. Many people describe the feeling as like an elastic band snapping against your skin.

Even for a full leg, you’re also talking a matter of minutes under the laser, which beats an hour of sweating on the waxing table!

Laser gets rid of ingrown hairs

If you’ve ever had ingrown hairs after waxing before, you’ll know just how painful, unsightly and annoying they are! Why spend money and go through the pain of waxing just to end up with red spots all over your skin?

And if an ingrown hair gets infected, you might even need antibiotics to clear it up. Ingrown hairs also leave scars if they go untreated for too long. Men and women with stronger hair are most likely to suffer from ingrown hairs from waxing.

Laser hair removal is the go-to solution for tackling ingrown hairs. The laser hair removal treatment kills the hair follicle, preventing new hairs from forming. No hair means no ingrown hairs either!

Laser is cheaper in the long-run

Bikini wax costs in Glasgow are roughly £40 per session, and salons recommend you have a treatment every 4 weeks. That’s £520 per year!

Bikini laser hair removal costs just £49 per session at Ministry of Laser, and we recommend a minimum 6 weeks between laser sessions. Therefore, it works out cheaper than waxing.

You can also choose a pay-per-session option for your laser hair removal treatment rather than an upfront package, so it’s exactly the same as paying for waxing treatments – except for one very important difference…

Waxing is temporary; laser hair removal is permanent

The fact that waxing is a temporary hair removal method makes it even more costly. Some people see a reduction in hair growth if they wax regularly, but many don’t see long-term benefits at all.

Laser hair removal guarantees hair reduction of up to 90% and most customers experience permanent hair loss after 3-7 sessions. This means that every laser session you pay for is contributing to your progress towards becoming permanently hair-free – and carefree!

Laser is much kinder to your skin

Waxing can cause all kinds of damage your skin, from burns to bumps, irritation and inflammation, redness to rashes and some people even take allergic reactions to hot wax.

If you have sensitive skin, waxing is never the right hair removal option to go for, but even hardy skin can suffer from hot wax treatments too.

Unlike waxing, laser hair removal is much kinder to your skin. As the laser targets the hair, it leaves the surrounding skin undamaged, going straight to the root of the hair (and the problem!).

You don’t need to grow hair for laser treatments

You need at least 6-12mm hair growth for wax to be able to grip the hair and pull it out. If you’re already familiar with waxing, you’ll know how painful it is when a waxer needs to go over the same area repeatedly because the hairs aren’t long enough!

But growing in your body hair isn’t fun either. Although salons recommend you leave 4-6 weeks between sessions, regrowth begins in about 2 weeks. If you go on holiday for 2 weeks, this means you’ll likely see hair regrowth while you’re still on the beach!

Switching to laser hair removal after waxing for a long time isn’t a problem – and it’ll be the best decision you ever make!

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