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Laser hair removal doesn’t have to be expensive.

Providing safe, permanent, guaranteed hair reduction of up to 90%, at Ministry of Laser, we make the very best laser hair removal treatments affordable.

With attractive pay-as-you-go pricing and no up-front fees, we use the most advanced technology available. If you’re looking for laser hair removal in Glasgow, our professional, luxurious and friendly clinic is based in the heart of the city centre, close to all public transport links.

After visiting Ministry of Laser, you can forget about waxing, shaving and plucking and get on with the more important things in life.

Because when you are hair free, you are carefree.

Google Rating
Over the course of the last year I've been going to Ministry of Laser for facial hair removal as a trans woman. I've been very happy with the service & the treatment from all the staff. A very friendly & inviting atmosphere. Would absolutely recommend for anyone else needing any laser sessions!
October Fist
19:18 19 Jan 22
Can honestly say it was life changing getting laser treatment done here! After many years of being self conscious I feel so much more confident with my appearance and the girls make you feel so welcome and comfortable from the minute you ring the buzzer! Will deffs be back 🙂
Monica Oneill
13:30 19 Jan 22
Exceptional service by Liz due to her professionalism, attention to detail, care, and the fact that she made me feel so comfortable throughout the session. I have completed my 8 sessions as arranged from the beginning in my case and couldn't be more happy with the results! The hair are completely gone! High standard equipment and true efforts to accommodate every need during the difficult period in between the several lockdowns. Easy access and great prices. Highly recommended!
Aikaterini Papitsa
20:33 20 Dec 21
I've had various bouts of laser hair removal over the years from Liz at Ministry of Laser, and each time it's needed, the experience has been great! All the staff are a delight to deal with - friendly, informative and professional. Prices are better than the vast majority of places, and even if they weren't, it would be worth it for the service. Having hair removal as a trans woman can be an daunting experience, but I've always been made to feel comfortable and welcome!
Isobel P B
13:22 09 Dec 21
After years of having to shave my lip, chin and jawline every couple of days and being very self conscious, my results have been life changing and I can’t thank and recommend Liz enough!! After around 4 treatments I could stop shaving and haven’t since. My face looks so lighter with no more dark shadows. I would highly recommend laser hair removal with Ministry of Laser to anyone who has unwanted hair!!
Rebecca Grant
22:23 02 Dec 21
Really happy with the results! Liz and her team are amazing and they always make you feel welcome and comfortable. Will definitely go back - thanks a lot x
Eleni B
19:09 02 Dec 21
Liz is absolutely brilliant! Would highly recommend her for any laser treatments 😃 super friendly and prices are very reasonable. Have recommended to all my friends and family!
Jotie Jaidka
18:16 30 Nov 21
I did have a very hairy chest and back but I don’t have this anymore.That is because Liz used the correct procedure to remove my annoying hair and I am extremely grateful. Fantastic service and extremely friendly staff. I would highly recommend Ministry of Laser to anyone who wants to see significant improvement in their hair removal.
Shaun Oswal
18:36 24 Nov 21
I couldn't recommend this place more! Liz is so reassuring, professional and wonderful at accommodating all her clients, and I'm so happy with how my first treatment went over the course of a year so it was an easy decision to come back and get another treatment done. Genuinely the best place to go to in Glasgow for laser hair removal, all-round an excellent experience! Really friendly receptionist too, great team and great service.
Aaminah C
17:22 05 Nov 21
This is THE place to be if you’re looking for laser hair removal. Liz is a total gem, so friendly, professional and informative, and makes you feel at total ease. I’ve had amazing results and can’t wait to get more areas done. Highly recommend!!
Monika MacAlister
10:10 21 Oct 21
The best in the business! Make you feel so at ease and talk you through every step of your journey. It’s completely personalised and extra steps are taken to help reach individual goals. Cannot recommend this place enough!
Beadee Cecelia Asher
18:52 14 Oct 21
The team at ministry of laser are true professionals in every way - from the top notch equipment to their knowledge, hygiene and expertise in all thing laser! I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for proper laser hair removal. There’s no nonsense, no block payments required and Liz is just the loveliest, warmest person who totally puts your mind at ease, which seriously helps if you’re anxious!I’m on my 7th visit and I’m constantly telling people who are interested in laser hair removal to take the plunge with Liz….it will be the best thing you ever do! Seriously!
Paula Whyte
15:17 14 Oct 21
If you are thinking about laser hair removal, Ministry of Laser are the best in Glasgow. Having been to two previous laser hair removal clinics with failed results and hundreds of pounds wasted, Liz was able to tackle my problem areas in no time at all, whilst keeping the pain to a minimum with very reasonable pricing (especially the block bookings). Have already got my family and friends booked in to see her, 10/10 would recommend.
Hannah Kane
20:28 13 Oct 21
After a long research of laser hair removal clinics in Glasgow I decided to book a consultation appointment with Liz. It was a love at first sight feeling!!! Liz is very welcoming and she explains everything in detail about the procedure! After the third appointment the hair were visibly way much less than before and a softer skin as well!! Ministry of laser thank you so much!!! Highly recommended!
Alexandra Lazarou
08:58 17 Aug 21
Liz is the best! I noticed results on my legs right away but after 8 sessions I can't describe how pleased I am with how well the laser treatment has worked!Can't wait to come back for another one!
20:34 16 Jul 21
Liz was so welcoming from the very start, put me at 100% ease and explained the process to me. Honestly, the laser hair removal treatment has totally changed my life, improved my confidence tenfold and I no longer have to worry that I have to shave daily or spend hours painfully plucking hairs out of my chin and neck. I would 100% recommend Liz and laser hair removal. They pay as you go system is also great for those budget. I’m sure I will be back soon for another area in the future.
rebekah Hill
20:18 16 Jul 21
I honestly just could not recommend Liz enough. I’ve been coming for 2 years now as the results really are there. She’s so incredibly professional and kind and puts you at ease for every session. Coming to her for laser was the best decision and would advise anyone considering laser to go for it with her!
Innes Bending
15:18 06 Jul 21
I went to Jade at Ministry of laser to get laser hair removal on my legs as I was sick of waxing/shaving, had 5 sessions now and I actually can’t believe the difference, my legs are so smooth!! The place is gorgeous, such a fresh, clean, relaxing environment and Jade always makes me feel really comfortable. I was a bit anxious at first about the pain but honestly 90% of the time I don’t feel a thing and when I do it’s like a rubber band ping at most. I’m now going to start getting other areas treated by Jade as I know it’s not scary now and absolutely worth it to not have to shave or wax again 🤩Please, please if you are thinking about getting laser hair removal at ministry of laser DO IT, you will not regret it!!
Megan Mccready
14:56 27 Jun 21
Liz and her team are fab, always very welcoming and friendly. Liz was very clear and informative prior to treatment. My results from the laser sessions have been amazing, I’m so pleased! Thank you so much xx
17:58 24 Jun 21
Would highly recommend Ministry of Laser. I’m currently on my 5th session of laser hair removal and the results so far are fab! I have always struggled with a heavy growth of dark, coarse hair which laser hair removal has helped to reduce greatly! Liz has always been so friendly, welcoming and makes you feel at ease during your sessions.
Chloe Quinn
16:54 24 Jun 21
Ministry of Laser might be the only place in Glasgow that’s honestly worth a try. The place is spotless, and the ladies know their stuff, and they always make you feel comfortable! Absolutely amazing place, value for money and you will actually see results!!! Could not recommend it enough!
Antigoni Triantouli
10:44 22 Jun 21
Sublime service! Very caring and professional service. Always thinking of what’s best for you and your laser treatment. Never felt in safer hands.
20:50 04 Jun 21
I couldn’t recommend MoL enough! Liz is so friendly and professional and really makes you feel comfortable throughout the service. I have been coming to Liz for almost 2 years and I am so happy with the results... if you are considering laser hair removal this is definitely the place to go ✨
Erin Gavigan
12:04 30 May 21
Had my last session of laser hair removal to my eyebrows a few months ago. Still no new hair in between the eyebrows. Liz is effective, fast and friendly, very good prices too. I'd recommend Ministry of Laser to everyone. - Theo
t n
22:22 29 May 21
The best experience! So happy with the whole journey, from my first consultation to every appointment. Liz and the team are so welcoming and informative. The results have been amazing and the price was really reasonable. Highly recommend!
Fiona Friel
13:50 12 May 21
An amazing , friendly and professional service ! I would 100% reccommend Liz for anyone thinking about laser. I have always felt completely at ease for my sessions and am extremely happy with my results. Thank you Ministry of Laser! 🙂
Danielle Carroll
18:50 11 May 21
The best place to go for laser hair removal! Liz is absolutely brilliant - she makes me feel comfortable while getting my treatment and I know I'm in safe hands due to how experienced and knowledgeable she is. I'm only on session 5 and already had amazing results. The salon is also very clean, right in the centre of Glasgow and all the other people that work there are lovely. Look no further if you're considering this treatment!
Diana Krasniqi
11:02 11 May 21
I’ve had the most amazing service, Liz is so welcoming and makes you feel comfortable when you’re getting your treatment. I didn’t realise how quick you would notice a difference in the hair deceasing even after the first session. I recommend it to all my friends and family and I am looking forward to returning in May for my fifth session with Liz
chloe shaw
08:43 31 Mar 21
Liz is the best! Although I knew this was something I wanted to do, I had lots of questions was a bit worried too, but Liz was very realistic about the outcome I could get and explained the whole process. I could not recommend her enough
Arianna Pedrazzoli
00:24 27 Mar 21
5 stars ! Had previously attended La Belle Forme but dissatisfied with the customer care and results I went to the Ministry of Laser. Liz is a complete professional with a wealth of experience, she is also the loveliest person you could meet. I am almost finished my sessions and results are amazing !
Phyllis Quinn
19:03 11 Mar 21
Have had an amazing experience so far with my laser journey. Completely converted to laser it is the best! I love coming here too - the service, atmosphere and experience has been great. Missing it due to the current lockdown restrictions but I can't wait to come back. Many thanks, Amy
Amy Spencer
19:27 25 Feb 21
Ministry have been amazing. Liz makes you feel relaxed and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I purchased the block package deal which dealt with all the hair I required. The clinic is super clean and welcoming and they are open long hours to suit all my availability. Would highly recommend
Kirsty Dee
16:11 23 Feb 21
Liz is absolutely amazing. She rids me of my hair from top to toe. I wouldn’t go to anyone else as Liz is completely professional and naturally makes you feel at ease when doing certain areas. Salon is always clean and fresh. Enjoy my visits every 6 weeks.
Brooke Emery
16:10 18 Dec 20
Love coming here! Liz is so informative, professional and kind and you always feel comfortable during your visit. Could not recommend enough!
Anna Connelly
14:56 13 Dec 20
Really great experience. The place is super clean and in convenient location in the middle of the city center. Liz is so professional, talented and friendly and she always make you feel comfortable. Overall one of the best places for hair removal in Glasgow and I can’t recommend it enough!
Aaya Al harthi
20:44 11 Dec 20
Liz is one of sweetest women I've ever met. She is so kind every time I go and is so passionate about her job in laser hair removal. The salon is immaculate and even during the COVID pandemic I've been and feel super safe. Jane is also so friendly too. I love my visits here, I'd recommend it to anyone. Treatment has been flawless and it's affordable, especially with the pay as you go option.
Cora Keen
18:52 27 Nov 20
Fantastic, friendly and very professional service from Liz at Ministry of Laser. Lovely premises in a very convenient location as well. With regards to the procedure it's very effective, far more comfortable than waxing and a great way to simplify your beauty routine in a much more cost effective way. I couldn't recommend more highly.
Elaine Ferguson
09:50 09 Nov 20
If you are considering laser hair removal, this is THE ONLY place to go. I have been to many places for various treatments but Ministry of Laser offers, far and away, the best experience. Liz and the team have an unmatched wealth of knowledge from years in the business. This level of expertise makes you feel instantly at ease putting your hair removal in their hands. Liz and the girls’ have created a wonderfully friendly and professional clinic. Not only is it a lovely place to visit, the results I’ve had are far superior to any other hair removal technique or clinic. After the first session I noticed a huge difference and a few subsequent sessions have obliterated any unwanted hair. What a difference it makes to your confidence and day to day time saving!All hail Liz and her wonderful laser machine!
Sonia Sommerville
09:38 05 Nov 20
Laser was always something I wanted but could never afford until one day I was recommended to Liz. I couldn’t believe how affordable it actually was and the fact you can pay as you go just makes it so much easier! Best money I have ever spent! Noticeable difference from only 2 weeks! This has honestly changed my life and boosted my confidence! No more shaving, ingrown hairs or stubble! NO MORE RAZORS!!!!!! Just smooth city!! Absolutely delighted! If you’re thinking about it - DO IT!!!! 10*
Kirsty Hunter
22:08 27 Oct 20
Would highly recommend Ministry of Laser. Amazing results that you could never get from shaving or waxing. Liz and staff are lovely and welcoming! Try it you won’t regret!
A Google User
19:00 29 Sep 20
For anyone who has been thinking about laser hair removal I would recommend Liz at Ministry of Laser. I wish I had made the decision sooner rather than thinking it over for months! I’m not finished the course yet but the difference I have seen already is amazing!The sessions are very quick in comparison with waxing I’m usually in and out in 10 minutes and so much less painful!
Kathryn Hughes
09:55 27 Sep 20
Amazing experience at Ministry of Laser: clean, professional and it really works! I've done other lasers in other places before and nothing was as effective as here. I genuinely recommend it (I'm really pale with dark hair, so if you have my same characteristics give it a try 😊)
12:01 26 Sep 20
Could not recommend Liz and her team at Ministry of Laser highly enough. I have just finished around 6 months of laser treatment on a graft site for a surgery I am undergoing - and the results are incredible! I found the prices to be extremely reasonable too. From my initial consultation to my last appointment - the customer service I received was truly on point. I was always made to feel welcomed and comfortable. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Liz and her team. Best in the business!
Tyler Mckenna
11:10 26 Sep 20
I’ve just completed my laser hair removal treatments and I am blown away by the results! Totally life changing and definitely the best money I’ve spent this year! I cant recommend Liz enough - professional and friendly. Thanks so much Ministry of Laser - best in the biz✨
Rachael Harley
20:36 24 Sep 20
Ministry of Laser provides excellent results with brilliant service along the way! Nothing but positive things to say about Liz and the team as a whole. Will definitely be going back👍🏻😊
Emma Oneill
09:51 19 Sep 20
BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!!I cannot recommend MoL enough. After years of trying different types of hair removal and numerous salons with different techniques I had lost hope until I stumbled across MoL. At last I found someone who specialises in laser hair removal with a treatment that actually does what it says.... PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL!!! From the first consultation I knew MoL was the real deal. Liz was knowledgeable, experienced and very friendly. I felt completely at ease and have never looked back. If you choose to do one thing choose to do this and do it with MoL! IT’S LIFE CHANGING!!!
Dawn McGregor
10:27 17 Sep 20
I started my laser journey 2 years ago with therapie clinic paying for a block of 6 sessions and then an additional 3 sessions with seeing hardly any results despite being a perfect candidate for laser (light skin dark hair) I decided to go with Liz after being recommended by a friend. After just 3 sessions with Liz I have noticed very big changes and nearly all my hair is gone! I am so happy with the results. She is very well experienced and the service you receive from her is amazing! I could feel the difference straight away and could tell she knew a lot more than any other clinic I had been too. For the service and expertise you get from Liz the prices are amazing! As well as being able to pay as you got and not in the one lump sum or buying blocks I found works a lot better for me too.
Sophie Fairley
11:00 07 Sep 20
The best laser place in Glasgow. i would recommend everyone to give it a try.
22:07 02 Sep 20
Friendly, professional service. Look forward to going. Highly recommend.
Caroline Bannatyne
17:14 01 Sep 20
I would highly recommend “Ministry of Laser” the BEST place in town ever. I only had 3 sessions with Liz and already noticing a great change on my skin can’t imagine how it can get any better by the end of 8 sessions ! Liz is such a lovely lady and I truly love the way she treats her patients absolutely professional.
19:23 27 Aug 20
Loved it from the very first moment!Liz carried out my treatment, she is lovely, very professional and makes you feel super comfortable. I am extremely happy with the results, besides getting rid of hair it treated my ingrown hair. I would recommend it 100%!
Diana Marcu
11:45 24 Aug 20
I’ve been getting treatment at Ministry of Laser for over a year now. My experience has been nothing short of amazing. My treatments are are always explained to me in detail and Liz is always very professional.I would highly recommend this place as it suits both customers who can pay in full, and those who need to make monthly payments. 🙂
Ntombikayise Mashengele
00:32 16 Aug 20
Liz was so professional and knowledgeable from my consultation to my last visit. I always felt safe, comfortable and able to communicate my frustrations at frequent hair removal due to having pcos whenever I spoke to Liz. I decided to have treatment on my face to reduce the amount of time I was spending having to remove this and to make the appearance smoother around my upper lip and chin. With each session I noticed a huge difference in not only less hair but a much smoother and fresher looking complexion in these areas. Halfway through treatments I was able to leave the house without having to hide under makeup! Liz has years of expertise and was always very honest with me about the progression of my treatments. I am looking forward to returning for more treatments! Thank you.
Adriana Mcilwraith
18:29 15 Aug 20
Wow!!! The whole experience is amazing. Liz is such a professional and makes you feel totally at ease immediately; not to mention how lovely a person she is!!! And the result? Unreal. Thank you so much Liz. Can’t wait for my next appointment. Xx
Heather McKeon
16:21 14 Aug 20
Liz and the MoL team are exceptionally friendly and put you at ease immediately. If you’re at all nervous about trying laser, it’s also really good to know that there is qualified medical experience at the helm so you know you’re in safe hands. The results have also been amazing!
Pardeep Cassells
08:20 14 Aug 20
BEST thing I’ve done.I cannot recommend Ministry of Laser enough, after finishing my 8 sessions I can honestly say it is life changing and just wish I’d done it sooner! I noticed a huge difference after just 1 session which made me look forward to our 6 week visits. Very professional service and so knowledgeable in what they do but also make the entire experience so comfortable! Can’t wait to try other areas ⭐️
Jade O’C
09:47 11 Aug 20
I highly recommend MInistry of Laser. Liz is absolutely amazing! So professional, experienced and genuinely cares about her clients! She is a friend and always by your side whatever you need! Excellent results and she brings what she promises! She is so clear and honest from day 1. It's the best in town and the only one choice if you want to get rid of hair forever!!!!!! Thank you Liz
06:55 31 Jul 20
I’m so glad I went to ministry of laser, Liz is amazing! shes so professional & makes you feel at ease. MOL has the best customer service I’ve ever received. I can’t recommend her enough!
Danielle Hughes
19:52 28 Jul 20
She has years of experience in the field and the service is great! Highly recommended. The payments are flexible and the results are amazing!
Giorgia Gaeta
10:47 21 Jun 20
I am so glad that I've found Liz and her business. MOL is right smack in the middle of the city centre so it's easy to get to by bus or subway! The clinic is clean, bright and secure - Liz has several years of experience and always makes you feel comfortable and well taken care of. I can't recommend her enough, her laser service has changed my life and confidence.
R. Dyball
15:31 20 Jun 20
From 1st message to after appointment care, I cant stress enough how great Liz is at making you comfortable and the experience as smooth as possible (no pun intended). I think there may be a certain stigma about makes going for laser hair removal but i can say without seconds hesitation that its well worth it! Liz clearly explains the process and the steps you need to take before and after treatment. A great atmosphere awaits and you wont regret using Ministry of Laser! Top class!
Kevin McKenna
15:41 15 Jun 20
Visiting Ministry of Laser has been the best decision I've ever made, starting treatments a little over a year ago. From my first appointment to my last I have had an amazing experience. Liz is knowledgeable and makes me feel confident and comfortable when asking questions and receiving treatments. Results have been amazing and being able to pay as I go was a major factor in choosing Ministry of Laser. I seen a difference from my first session which only motivated me to continue and look forward to every session. I've recommended MOL to friends, family, colleagues and basically anyone who will listen.
broganeilidhwatt .
19:52 08 Jun 20
I can't recommend Liz enough, experienced, professional, bubbly and friendly service. If you're thinking of laser hair, don't hesitate! It's the best money I ever spent. High quality, knowledgeable and clinical service is a must when it comes to the body and that's exactly what you'll get with Ministry of Laser.
Mari Gibson
14:03 13 May 20
Saw this clinic on Google and so glad I started my journey with MOL. Liz is extremely professional and takes you through the process with great care and consideration. I am half way through my 8 sessions and cannot wait to go back. I couldn't believe how quickly I saw the results - I only wish I had done this years ago. I cannot recommend Liz and her team highly enough. They are wonderful! 🙂
Vicky V
18:09 12 May 20
Ministry of Laser without hesitation stands for top notch service and professionalism. Liz is a terrific specialist with great deal of experience and an approach that puts clients at ease. I could not recommend MoL more!
Kasia Tym
14:03 31 Mar 20
I had my first session of laser hair removal today and I am so pleased with how it went. Liz is amazing at her job and makes you feel so at ease about the procedures, she is very professional and the session itself was super quick and easy. Can’t wait to continue my hair removal journey.
Jennifer Fleming
10:07 14 Mar 20
Liz was incredible! I felt immediately comfortable with her and she was always very professional. As a student, the possiblity to pay per appointment was a huge advantage that made laser accessible to me in the first place. The clinic was always very clean and tidy and one really feels valued as a customer. I loved the whole process and the results so much that I referred two of my friends who are now also clients at Ministry of Laser. Such a good experience! I can only recommend!
Sally-Ann Fischer
18:39 20 Feb 20
Liz is very professional, knowledgeable and upfront about laser hair removal. She has loads of experience and is highly qualified in the field. She’s also flexible about payment options. I’ve had amazing results from my treatments from very early on. The only place I would recommend to any friends/family considering laser hair removal.
Eilidh Macleod
22:11 02 Feb 20
I have had various hair removal treatments done by Ministry of Laser! I have been extremely happy with the results. The level of professionalism and expertise at Ministry of Laser is the highest in the industry. I wouldn't go anywhere else. A very happy client.
Natalie Righetti
19:01 31 Jan 20
I came to Liz when i felt really self conscious about facial hair. Liz is one of the nicest people I've met and so professional. She talks you through the sessions and answers any questions you have. Liz also has payment plans which some other laser hair removal companies do not which makes paying easier and her prices are affordable. i feel so much better and more confident now I have had a number of sessions, so much so I have decided to do more sessions on other areas. If you are looking for a place which shows real results, ministry of laser is the place for you.
14:31 29 Jan 20
Liz makes you feel so comfortable and welcome. I’ve had amazing results, couldn’t recommend it more for anyone thinking about it. There is also a lot of flexibility about paying which really helped me out.
Heather Kidd
20:00 28 Jan 20
I cannot recommend Liz enough! She made my laser journey easy and comfortable. As well as being professional, she was very approachable which made the experience easier. Thank you so much again Liz x
Kirsty Miller
05:13 19 Jan 20
Was really pleased with my consultation and first procedure which was quick and pain free. Liz, the business owner, is highly professional as well as friendly to chat about the whole hair removal experience. I reckon that I should have come earlier rather than spending countless amounts for waxing procedures. Thank you, Liz! Looking forward for my next visit!
Neringa Kazlauskaitė
21:45 12 Jan 20
Liz always gives a professional service can’t recommend ministry of laser enough.Very happy customer, confidence has grown since I’m hair free now
Danielle Watson
20:16 07 Jan 20
I highly recommend Liz and the team at Ministry of Laser. The results I have had are amazing; from the first session the reduction has been astounding. I had (notice the past-tense 🥳) the kind of body hair that would make a gorilla envious! I am now about to have my final session and with the exception of a couple of minuscule areas I am hair free in the areas I had treated. The location is great and the rooms are just as you would hope: clean, bright & comfortable. The pay as you go option allowed me to have the treatment without feeling a financial strain or going into debt. I had a previous consultation with one of the larger providers which was so bad I didn’t even have a patch test. With Ministry of Laser I felt valued and confident in the professional I was dealing with (Liz) due to her experience, knowledge and respect for me as a person.
Lizi O'Rourke
12:33 01 Jan 20
Liz, the owner of the business, is simply brilliant; she has years of experience in the field, very meticulous in the way she carries out her work, there is flexible payments and to top it off, she is one of the loveliest people I have ever met. I have had about 8 sessions so far and the results are genuinely amazing. I kinda wish this stays as a well hidden gem of a place, but that would be unfair. I have unfortunately moved away, but Glasgow is lucky to have this business and her.
Selen Ceri
23:40 01 Dec 19
Fantastic! Could not recommend Ministry of Laser enough. If you are looking to get laser hair removal done, look no further. Liz is so kind and friendly, she can put anyone at ease.I'm very happy with the results and can't thank Liz enough!!
Madalina Ioana Raileanu
17:37 29 Nov 19
Would highly recommend Ministry of Laser to anyone !! Liz makes you feel at ease and is super accommodating. Great results and great prices! I wouldn’t go anywhere else 🙂
Elise Hendry
11:08 28 Nov 19
This is the first place i chose to go when deciding to have laser hair removal & highly recommend! Liz is so friendly and welcoming and also has a lot of experience and product knowledge so you know u are in good hands. Cant recommend this place enough especially after my amazing results - plus the location is great too! 🙂
Diyaa x
09:19 19 Oct 19
Can not recommend Ministry of Laser enough! My only regret is not discovering Liz sooner. I’m a doctor and it was so important to me when I started getting laser that I was going to someone knowledgeable and professional for my treatment. From the very first consultation Liz put me at ease and it was clear how much experience she has in laser. Not only that but all the advice she has given me throughout is always honest and focused on the best results for me. And my results are incredible! I couldn’t be happier. If you’re looking for affordable laser hair removal with flawless results then this is the place for you!
Alison Scott
20:06 10 Oct 19
I had previously had laser before elsewhere but was seeing no results, after 6 sessions with Liz at Ministry of Laser I am almost hair free. Liz is the best in the business, great chat and very accommodating. Could not recommend Liz enough!!
20:07 07 Oct 19
Amazing!! I could not recommend Ministry of Laser enough! If you are thinking about getting laser hair removal, I would definitely say this is the place to go. Liz is a lovely women and always makes you feel comfortable and welcome. She has great chat and the sessions fly in. I now only have 1 session left to go and my results are AMAZING! I am so happy I went with Ministry of Laser for this treatment and I can't thank Liz enough for her service. Thank you!!
Lori Young
15:24 03 Oct 19
Amazing!! I could not recommend Ministry of Laser enough! If you are thinking about getting laser hair removal, I would definitely say this is the place to go. Liz is a lovely women and always makes you feel comfortable and welcome. She has great chat and the sessions fly in. I now only have 1 session left to go and my results are AMAZING! I am so happy I went with Ministry of Laser for this treatment and I can't thank Liz enough for her service. Thank you!!
Lori Young
15:24 03 Oct 19
Me and my sister having been going here for laser since the beginning of the year & have had a fab experience! The results have been amazing!!! Liz is extremely knowledgable with laser so you trust your in safe hands and she’s super friendly and makes you feel comfortable! Can’t fault the place or the service, definitely recommend! 🙂
R 28
16:13 02 Oct 19
GREAT! I could not recommend her and the treatments enough. I’ve previously had other experiences and this is simply the best. Elizabeth is super friendly, always with a smile and good conversation. The laser treatment is painless with cold-air included which is 👌payment plans are varied and she is very flexible with bookings. 5 star experience!
Maria Angeles Jodar
06:50 11 Sep 19
GREAT! I could not recommend her and the treatments enough. I’ve previously had other experiences and this is simply the best. Elizabeth is super friendly, always with a smile and good conversation. The laser treatment is painless with cold-air included which is 👌payment plans are varied and she is very flexible with bookings. 5 star experience!
Maria Angeles Jodar
06:50 11 Sep 19
Liz is highly trained and experienced in her field, explaining exactly how the procedure works to put you at ease before beginning your sessions. I’m confident that Ministry of Laser is the delivers best service in Glasgow both in terms of laser quality and value for money, not to mention Liz’s friendly attitude! After just a few sessions I had noticed a big difference and cannot wait to see the end results! If you are considering undergoing laser hair removal, you need not look any further!
Lauren Maclean
17:47 21 Aug 19
Looked about at most of the laser hair removal clinics in Glasgow to find out which one suited best. As was my first time getting laser done. So glad I came across Ministry of laser, Liz is amazing and makes you feel so comfortable. The clinic it’s self is so welcoming and relaxing. HONESTLY if your thinking of getting Laser done this is the place to go. 👍🏼 Thanks Liz for all your help. I am absolutely loving the Results.
Keith Jaymes
08:42 10 Aug 19
Ministry of Laser is amazing! I was very torn what clinic to pick for laser hair removal as there is so many and you are never sure if it will work, but I am so glad I have picked Ministry of Laser. Liz is the best! Super professional, gives great, honest advise and really knows this industry and what she is doing and how to get the best results. Pay as you go system is brilliant and makes laser hair removal super affordable. I had 7 sessions so far and I'm so pleased with my results. Will definately continue visiting Ministry of Laser for other body parts too. Could not recommend Liz and this amazing laser hair removal clinic enough! Thank you Liz!
Karolina Kundzeleviciute
19:21 09 Aug 19
Brilliant results and affordable prices. Liz's product knowledge and customer service skills are excellent. Would highly recommend.
Laura McCafferty
10:05 05 Aug 19
I highly recommend Ministry of Laser. I have had 3 sessions with pay as you go as and I am so very pleased with the results. Liz is friendly, professional, experienced, takes your input about last session and what works and didn't and ensures that you get results.
richa sachdeva
00:24 05 Aug 19
The best! Liz is such a pleasure, really makes you feel at ease, is very responsive and has your safety as the number one priority! Noticed a huge difference even after the first session! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!
Lejdisa Mrija
14:41 21 Jul 19
I highly recommend Ministry of Laser! I have had 6 sessions so far and I am really pleased with the results. Liz is friendly, professional, experienced and gets incredible results. The location is perfect too as it's right in the centre of the city centre. The pay as you go system is brilliant and makes laser hair removal affordable.
23:26 14 Jul 19
I highly recommend Ministry of Laser! I have had 6 sessions so far and I am really pleased with the results. Liz is friendly, professional, experienced and gets incredible results. The location is perfect too as it's right in the centre of the city centre. The pay as you go system is brilliant and makes laser hair removal affordable.
23:26 14 Jul 19
I would highly recommend Liz at Ministry of Laser! She is in a great location, very professional, very efficient in her communication, flexible with her bookings and most importantly she brings the result she promises! Her clean and neat premises and her friendly attitude has made my experience with laser exceptional! It was a pleasure to meet you Liz and thanks for the amazing results of my hair removal sessions!
Dafni Bechtsi
10:57 12 Jul 19
I would highly recommend Liz at Ministry of Laser! She is in a great location, very professional, very efficient in her communication, flexible with her bookings and most importantly she brings the result she promises! Her clean and neat premises and her friendly attitude has made my experience with laser exceptional! It was a pleasure to meet you Liz and thanks for the amazing results of my hair removal sessions!
Dafni Bechtsi
10:57 12 Jul 19
Been going to liz at ministry of laser for around 7months now I could not recommend her enough. Been given a V.I.P service from the minute I started and having the hair removal done on my face has completely changed my life whilst giving me my confidence back. A very professional business and wouldn’t trust anyone else to do the job.
Carla Wark
15:36 11 Jul 19
Great service, Liz is very friendly and it's worked well. I had a lot of facial hair, and laser has helped so much with it. The prices are good too. 🙂
Luna Allan
17:24 20 Jun 19
I was a little leery of getting laser hair removal done even though I really needed it .I was very nervous when I started and was unsure it would work but Elizabeth made me feel very comfortable from my very first session and almost immediately we were chatting and laughing during the sessions .The prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere calm .After several sessions I can say that it truly does work .
Danielle Forbes
20:08 01 Jun 19
Highly recommend Ministry of Laser. I explored other options in Glasgow and the surrounding area when I decided to seriously consider laser hair removal. At my consultation, none compared to the confidence I felt after meeting Liz who has a very thoughtful and conscientious approach to the treatment. She has a wealth of knowledge in all things 'laser' and it's very obvious that she has worked in this industry for years both in the NHS and privately and has a keen interest in staying apprised of any advancements and research. Most importantly Liz conducts a safe and effective procedure in an immaculate environment. I am truly delighted with the results and wish I had done this years ago.
Lynn Ann Thomson
13:07 16 May 19
Would highly recommend Liz to anyone. Incredibly professional and knowledgeable and a genuinely caring attitude to boot. An excellent service with remarkable results. You won't regret this!
Tamara Miehe
17:16 11 May 19
Highly recommended Ministry of Lazer. Liz is so knowledgeable and approachable and genuinely wants to make a difference and help people. She uses her years of experience to recommend the treatment which will best suit you and will make the treatment as comfortable as possible. She's warm and welcoming and will make you feel at ease straight away. I have been really pleased with my results.
Zeenat Overton
11:47 30 Apr 19
I would 100% recommend Liz at Ministry of Laser for anyone thinking about permanent hair removal. Liz is friendly, professional, very experienced and knowledgeable. The results have been amazing. She works hard to ensure perfect results. I'd definitely say it's been worth the investment.
jo winston
10:12 26 Apr 19
Amazing results! liz is so experienced at what she does. Always lovely to visit. I’m now on annual top up and never use a razor and all stubble, shadows, shaving rashes and In grown hairs are long forgotten! A must for successful hair removal!
Julie Capaldi
08:31 25 Apr 19
Wish I had done this years ago. Recommended by a friend I booked in for hair removal on legs and have progressed to underarm and bikini - great results and loving that I don't need to worry about 'tidying' up if you get up and it's sunny or kids want to go swimming etc
Lynne Mitchell
09:28 24 Apr 19
Very highly recommended! So far I’ve had treatment on my face, underarms and arms and have had great results. Liz is very welcoming and knowledgeable. She has gone above and beyond to make sure I get the best results. The option to break down the cost over the course of the treatment means that this is very affordable. I had avoided getting laser in the past because of the high upfront cost with other clinics. I’m so glad I went for my consultation last year and I’ll be going back until my body hair is a thing of the past!
Claire Hiddleston
09:28 24 Apr 19
I am absolutely over the moon with my results. Liz is so welcoming and knowledgable and was able to answer any questions I had about the treatments which made me feel comfortable and at ease. Affordable prices and relaxing surroundings, well worth it. Wish I had got it done sooner!
Lucie Byrne
23:03 14 Apr 19
I used Ministry of Laser to have hair removed from my chin and upper lip and have to say the service was high quality, after my 6 sessions the treatment worked perfectly! Liz is amazing, very friendly, welcoming and super professional, I would highly recommend her, in fact I brought in my 20yo niece too and so far after two weeks from the first treatment she is extremely excited to see that no hair has grown yet! Thanks Liz 🙂
Sara Arcangeli
19:24 25 Mar 19
Brilliant results and brilliant service. Liz is a diamond and goes over and above to ensure that you get the results you are looking for. Could not be happier and will definitely be back for other areas!
Shauna Jameson
10:24 15 Mar 19
Liz is absolutely amazing! So professional and genuinely cares about her clients!! Have had nothing but amazing results so far! I love ministry of laser 🙌🏻❤️
Jane Robinson
18:12 07 Mar 19
Unbelievable results I could not recommend Liz enough. She is so welcoming and totally put me at ease, every aspect of the hair removal was explained fully and any questions expertly answered. The whole process has been fantastic and I haven’t an armpit hair in sight!
Emma Byrne
21:30 01 Feb 19
Great service, warm welcome and efficient - lunchtime appointments and flexible payment options too. Never felt pushed to make a decision and so happy with the treatments and results so far!
Elaine Hamilton
11:10 12 Nov 18
I would 100% recommend this institute. Elizabeth makes you feel super safe and answers all of your questions about the procedures. The vibe of the institute is very calming and cozy. Obviously the pay as you go treatments are so useful and rare for a laser institute, but also it's very affordable. I went to the MoL to get laser on my upper-lip and chin for the first time ever, and I was a bit skeptical and afraid at first but the results are actually amazing, quick and not as painful as I thought!
Tatiana Chiline
22:46 10 Oct 18
I would not go anywhere else! Liz is incredibly knowledgeable and strives hard to get the best results for her clients. It is so important to me, as a doctor, to have someone like Liz who is so well informed and knows the different types and lasers and which will have the best results! I honestly cannot recommend Ministry of Laser enough! If you want someone who's honest and experienced, who will provide you with the results you want, then absolutely come here.
Jessica Walocha
12:46 05 Oct 18
Highly recommended! Almost at the end of my treatment and the results have been amazing since the first, I’m so glad I came across Ministry of Laser as I feel more confident in my body - I enjoy going to my treatments as I get on really well with Liz, she is highly experienced, down to earth and makes me feel at ease and comfortable every time. I know she wants to and will get me the best results possible. I didn’t know too much about Laser as I hadn’t done it before and was concerned of cost, however, Liz has flexible payment plans, understands your concerns and has educated me on how the laser works.
Eireann McKeown
20:16 20 Sep 18
With a background in both the NHS and private sector, Liz combines professionalism with friendliness and a wealth of experience to provide a discrete and amazingly effective service. Fantastic results from session one; Liz is super friendly and made me feel so at ease. I’m not only amazed at the results but also at my own confidence, cannot recommend ministry of laser highly enough.
Donna lang
21:27 06 Sep 18
Thank you so much for finally giving me hair free legs! After poor results from "pain free laser" I worried it couldn't be done. Turns out you just need the right laser! My treatment at MOL was so much more professional and I instantly noticed the difference. Great equipment and lovely staff, what more can you ask for! I'll be back soon for the next area! 🙂
Jade Clark
19:06 14 Mar 18
I was referred to Ministry of Laser by my doctor and was instantly set at ease by the beautiful and calm atmosphere, Elizabeth was very reassuring and explained everything I needed to know. I have always felt self conscious due to the hairs on my fingers, but now I’m hair free and no longer self conscious when my hands are in full view. Thank you so much, Elizabeth. Highly professional and effective service provided by Ministry of Laser. One very happy customer.
Tony Munro
21:09 24 Feb 18


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