8 things to avoid before and after laser hair removal treatment

Laser hair removal is a safe option for skin of all types. But as with any kind of hair removal treatment, knowing what to avoid before and after your sessions is key to staying safe and getting the best results possible.

So consider this your go-to do’s and don’ts checklist for before and after your laser hair removal sessions and you’ll be delighted with the results!

Before laser hair removal treatment

Before getting laser hair removal treatment at Ministry of Laser, please avoid the following:

  • Fake tan – Your laser technician will tailor your sessions, choosing your laser settings based on the density of your hair and your natural skin tone in your initial consultation. If you come to a session with fake tan on your skin, the laser will be attracted to the darker pigment and this can lead to blistering. We suggest avoiding fake tan for at least 2 weeks prior to your session and be sure to exfoliate the treatment area daily in the days before to make sure there’s no residue clinging to your skin.
  • Shaving too close to your appointment – Shaving before laser sessions is exactly the right thing to do – this helps the laser reach straight for the hair follicle rather than the hair itself. But it’s best to avoid shaving your laser hair removal area too soon before your appointment to ensure your skin isn’t raw or irritated by the razor. Shaving the night before your session is ideal.
  • Certain medications – Most medications don’t interfere with laser hair removal treatments, but antibiotics do increase photosensitivity (aka how sensitive your skin is to light exposure). If you’re on a course of antibiotics, it’s best to wait until you’re off the medication for 7 days prior to having your laser treatment.

    Some other skin medications like acne treatments (Accutane, for example) also increase your skin’s sensitivity. It’s important to let your laser technician know about any medications you’re taking before you begin treatment so they can plan your sessions around it.
  • Some pain killers – Some people like to take pain killers before a laser hair removal session, which is absolutely fine. However, we recommend you opt for paracetamol instead of Ibruprofen or aspirin as these can react to the laser light.

After laser hair removal treatment

Once your laser hair removal session is complete, you’ll experience a bit of redness in the area where the laser treatment was performed. But don’t worry, this is absolutely normal!

However, there are a few things that you’re best to avoid after laser hair removal that will ensure your skin stays cool and you stay comfortable.

  • Tight clothing – It’s a good idea to wear loose clothing to your laser appointment so there’s no rubbing against your skin as this can cause irritation in treatment areas. If possible, it’s best to avoid clothes-to-skin contact for a day after your treatment.
  • Hot baths and showers – Your skin will feel hot after laser hair removal treatment, so hot water won’t feel good against your skin for a while afterwards. Take cool showers when necessary and avoid saunas and steam rooms for at least 48 hours after your session.
  • The gym – Exercising causes your body temperature to rise and your skin to sweat, which can cause irritation after laser hair removal treatment. Tight gym clothing also leads to rubbing and chafing, which is never what you want!

    We recommend avoiding any exercise (except for walking) for 48 hours after your treatment. This includes swimming, as the chlorine in swimming pool water can irritate too.
  • Applying products – Depending on your skin type and sensitivity, products like perfumed moisturisers can cause redness and irritation after a laser session. Please wait 24 hours before you apply any skin product to the treated areas.

Between laser hair removal sessions

Your laser technician will book you in for your next session around 6 weeks after each treatment. In between these sessions, there are a few important things to avoid.

  • Sun exposure – Wherever possible, please avoid sun exposure to your treatment areas. If complete cover isn’t possible (for example, you’re going on holiday or you’re having a facial treatment during the summer months), apply SPF 50 every 3 hours to the treatment area. If you’ve been on holiday, please let the clinic know as we might suggest you come in for a patch test before completing a full session.
  • Sunbeds – In the same way that your should avoid fake tan before laser hair removal treatment, you should also avoid sunbeds. Sunbed use can cause complications for the laser settings and lead to blistering.
  • Waxing and plucking – Any hair removal technique that pulls the hair out by the root should be avoided completely once you begin your laser hair removal treatment. Laser works by targeting the root of the hair, so this needs to be preserved for the laser treatment to work. Please shaving in between sessions to ensure you achieve optimal results.

If you’re unsure if your skin is ready for laser hair removal treatment, just call us! You can reach us on 0141 433 7370 and someone will be there to advise you.

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