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At the beginning of summer 2019, we suggested to you five reasons why we think you should be considering laser hair removal to prepare you for the holiday season. As we move into the autumn month of September in advance of the cold winter months ahead, this is actually one of the best times to start a session of laser hair removal treatments.

Ministry Of Laser
Laser hair removal, any time of the year

At Ministry of Laser in Glasgow, laser hair removal is what we do. It’s our speciality. Our treatments are affordable and we also offer a very appealing pay as you go option. For the best success though, we recommend at least eight scheduled appointments, each one taking place every four weeks for the face and every six weeks for the body. That means if you start your sessions before the end of the year, by the time spring or summer arrives next year, you will be silky smooth and more confident in your own body!

Laser hair removal keeps you in control and allows you to relax and be prepared for the unexpected. With the UK clocks set to go back at 2am on 27 October, many of us love the darker nights and getting away for the weekend in autumn and winter, whether up north into the Scottish Highlands and Islands or overseas for some winter sun. Thankfully, not having to worry about unwanted hair allows you to relax and really enjoy your break, wherever you may go.

Our laser hair removal treatment plans work by targeting the hair follicle with our medical-grade Cynosure Elite Plus laser, which gradually destroys the hair follicle and prevents regrowth. This leaves you with silky, smooth skin, all year round. With a guaranteed hair reduction of up to 90%, our treatments give you the confidence to live your life how you want to live it.

Book your laser hair removal sessions in Glasgow at Ministry of Laser now. For a free consultation with our specialist, Liz Rodgers, call us on 0141 433 7370 or email us at

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