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Ministry of Laser | Five reasons for laser hair removal
Ministry of Laser | Five reasons for laser hair removal

With the clocks recently going forward for British Summer Time (BST), many people naturally start to think about their summer holidays and the warmer days and nights to come. Whether you’re aiming for the ultimate beach body, or you’re just looking forward to wearing skirts and tops, or shorts and t-shirts, for many people, laser hair removal becomes a priority for the months ahead.

At Ministry of Laser in Glasgow, we specialise in laser hair removal treatment that is tailored to each individual. We’re just as excited as you that’s it’s nearly summer and that’s why we’ve put together five great reasons why you should be starting your own session of laser hair removal to get you silky smooth for the sunnier days to come…

1. Love your skin
At Ministry of Laser we encourage you to take the first step to having flawless, silky smooth skin. An effective laser hair removal treatment plan will give you a much smoother skin than any other hair removal routines and by removing the hair, it eliminates any skin irritations caused by waxing or shaving. Oh, and did we say how smooth your skin will be afterwards!

2. Say goodbye to razors
And unwanted hair! At Ministry of Laser we use the Cynosure Elite Plus Laser which offers two optimum wavelengths for hair removal. Our Senior Practitioner has over 10 years’ experience, five years of those with the NHS. After your free consultation to discuss the best course of treatment, you can look forward to guaranteed hair reduction of up to 90%. Bye bye razors.

3. Invest in a new you
Although laser hair removal may seem costly at first, it’s actually a pretty good investment. Laser hair removal sessions diminish the hair permanently, therefore reducing the amount of money you need to spend on waxing and razors. When you consider how much you save here against a lifetime of purchasing the necessary hair removal supplies and the time and effort involved, participating in laser hair removal makes wonderful sense.

Ministry of Laser | Five reasons to get laser hair removal in Glasgow
Ministry of Laser | Five reasons to get laser hair removal in Glasgow

4. Make your life easier
Always be ready for the unexpected! You never know what delightful surprises are just around the corner, so be prepared for them by investing in laser hair removal. An unexpected swim, a surprise acquaintance or even an impulse weekend away with close friends or your partner, the convenience of not having to worry about unwanted hair lets you focus on those other things that really matter.

5. Rebuild your confidence
Noticeable unwanted hair or even the discomfort of ingrown hairs really can affect many people’s confidence. Whether that’s facial hair, back hair or even just inner thigh hair, wherever the site, if you’re not comfortable with it, it can impact how you feel and act on a daily basis. Laser hair removal reduces this unwanted hair and gives you the confidence to live your life how you want to live it. It’s your body. Own it.

You can book your laser hair removal sessions in Glasgow at Ministry of Laser. We make the very best laser hair treatments affordable with attractive pay as you go pricing, helping you to plan your treatments in advance. For a free consultation with our specialist, Liz Rodgers, who has been using medical grade lasers for over 10 years now, five of those with the NHS, call us now on 0141 433 7370 or email us at For more information, check out

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